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Average by group

The Average by group step calculates the average of all values in one or more columns. This step is similar to the AVERAGEIF function in Excel.

Average by group


Our input data has number of sales orders showing how many quantities of a particular product was sold at a particular date.

After connecting data to this step and setting it up, it gives us the output data of what the average quantity sales amount per unique product.


After connecting steps, the transform connector, Average by group option, Pick the dataset (like "List of sales"), the desired column(s) (like "ProductName" - case sensitive) and a the columns that you want to calculate the average per product row (like "SalesAmount").
You can optionally apply this to only to one column or many columns separated by comma. We'd recommend using the option that requires fewer column selections since this saves you time.

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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