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Combine columns

The Combine columns step combines data from two or more columns into a single column separated by a specified character.

Combine columns


Let's say we need to combine the data from our columns "Product" and "Color" to create a new column called "Combined Orders" for easy label creation. The Combine columns step is how we'll achieve this.

We will use "Product" and "Color" columns from the input data.

After using the Combine columns step, we have a new column called "Combined Orders" where values from the columns "Product" and "Color" were merged while separated by a comma.


Once you've connected your flow's most recent step to this one, Pick the dataset, then open up the Combine columns step window and under New Column Name, type the name you'd like your new column to be.

Then, under Merge Columns, type two or more columns from your original data that you'd like to merge.

After that, expand Advanced options if you want to set a custom delimiter. Our example sets the delimiter to a comma and space ", " which will be placed in between the data from the "Product" column and the data from the "Color" column.

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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