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Find and replace

The Find and replace step works like you might imagine the name means: You can type in a value, specify the columns to look for it in, and type in a new value to replace it with if it is found.

Find and replace


Our input data below is a List of Sales orders.

Let's say we need to replace the word Silver in the "ProductName" column with the word YELLOW. As seen below, once we connect this input data into the step, it produces that output.


Pick the dataset.
Type the column name in "Find within columns(s)". You can use multiple columns separated by comma.
Type the text to look for in "Text to find". If you'd like this step to look for blank or empty row cells, Pick "Empty Text".
Type the value to replace the value with the found one in "Find match". If you'd like this step to replace the located values with blanks, Pick "Empty Text" (i.e. replacing it with empty row cells).
Choose from "Replace match" dropdown the following options:
- In any part of the cell
- In the entire cell

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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