The Find maximum by group step calculates the maximum value in a column or a group of columns. This step is similar to the MAX function in Excel.

Find maximum by group


Our input data has 30 rows of orders information showing us how many quantities were sold, the food type, the customer name, and their payment type.

After connecting the data into this step and setting it up, it produces the results in the column "Quantity Sold (max)".


First, connect your most recent flow's step to this one.

Then, choose which column you'd like to find the maximum value in by going under the Find the maximum value in... section and selecting select from menu . If preferred, you can leave the second settings blank to find the maximum across the entire table.

Then, select the identifier data point you'd like to have rows of next to the maximum amount found by going under Create a new row for each unique value ... and selecting Select from menu. Save your selection by clicking Show Updated Results.

When selecting columns, you can choose to pick the exact columns to operate on, or you can use the all columns except option to specify that you want to exclude certain columns from this operation.

You've now successfully completed this step's set up! The columns will be grouped as chosen and the value you wanted to calculate will have "(max)" appended to its column header.

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