The Find min/max per row step calculates the minimum or maximum value across a range of columns.

Find min/max per row


Our input data shows The Products sales orders including "Order Quantity", Unit Price" and "Freight".

After we connect our data to this step, it produces an output with a new column to the right-side called "Min Max Number". The values displayed in this column is the max values from the selected columns which "Order Quantity", Unit Price" and "Freight".


In the right-side toolbar, Pick the dataset, then type your "New column Name", then select from the "Operation" dropdown Min or Max value, then type the columns names in "Find in columns" to find the min or max values in.

After running the operation, your table will now have a column appended to it at the end, displaying the min or max value per row (between all columns included in a selected range)!

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