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Insert date & time column

The Insert date & time column step adds a column with the current date and time, with customizable offset by days and timezones. The current date and time will be determined at the time the flow is run. This step can be useful for tasks like logging updated times.

Insert date & time column


Connect any data into this step. It'll give you the output data of a new "Current DateTime" column appended to your dataset where the current date and time is noted (based on when the flow is run).


Pick the dataset. By default, The "New column name" field have "Current DateTime" as a column name, but you can customize this name to anything you prefer.

A date that is 0 days offset will be the current date and time. If you choose a positive value, it will be in the future, while a negative value will be in the past. If we add 1 to the Days Offset field, it shows us the date time stamp for this time tomorrow. If we add -1 to the Days Offset field, it'll show us the date time stamp for this time yesterday.

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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