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Insert growth rate column

The Insert growth rate column step calculates the growth rate from the previous row within a column of your choosing.

Insert growth rate column


The input data is a list of products.

After connecting input data to this step, it gives us the output of a newly added column called "Growth Rate" showing how much more or less of a product growth compared to the row above it.


First, Pick the dataset, then type the column name in "New Column Name" field, then type the "Target Column" name that you'd like to calculate the growth rate of.

After that, decide on how many decimal places you want included in the calculation and place this numeric value in the "Decimal Places" field.

Finish by clicking on "Preview results" to display the output data. The table now has a column inserted right. It will display the growth rate based off of the previous row. The results are percentages displayed in decimal format.

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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