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Insert if/else column

The Insert if/else column step enables you to insert a conditional column filter.

A conditional statement is a core building block of any programming language. The goal of each Insert if/else column step is to create one column where the value of each cell in that column is dictated by the rules you create within the step.

Insert if/else column


We will use the "Stock" column from the following input data.

Our output data, after using this Insert if/else column step, has a new column name "Compare" that tells us whether the value "Stock" column is equal to the applied condition or not.


Pick the dataset.
Type the "New column name" this will add a new column into the table.
Type the "Column to check" (this could be name or index).

Select the condition to apply from the available filtering conditions:

is equal to
is not equal to
do not contain
is greater than
is greater than or equal to
is less than
is less than or equal to

Set the "Condition value" to be compared, then type the "New column value" and "failed column value".

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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