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Insert math column

The Insert math column step executes a math equation on each row of data. This step functions similarly to writing a formula in a new Excel column.

Insert math column


Our input data is a list of sales orders, we will use the "SalesAmount" by "TaxAmt" columns from it.

After connecting the data into this step, it produces the output of a new column "Multiply" that shows the result of Multiplying "SalesAmount" by "TaxAmt" columns.


Pick the dataset.
Type the "New column" name, this column will be appended into the table.
Type the "Column to calculate".
Select "Calculate with" another column or custom value.
If another column is selected, type column name in the "Value" column,
If custom value is selected, type the custom value in the "Value" column.

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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