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Insert row numbers

The Insert row number step creates a new column adding sequential numbers to each row.
You can also add row number based on each set of rows having the same column data, each set of rows will have its own range of sequential numbers.

Insert row numbers


The input data we'll use with this step is a table contains "ProductName" column.

The new output table has an additional column named "Index". Each set of rows with same "ProductName" will have its own range of numbers starts with 1 and increases.


Pick the dataset.
Type the "New column name" and the "Start with" number,
Then Specify the "Number settings":
Number the entire table: It will add row number for the entire table sequentially
Number based on column : Each set of rows with the same column data, will have its own sequential numbers.

Helpful tips

If two tables have the same number of rows but do not share a matching column, use this step and then the Combine tables step to create a new column that you can use to combine the tables.

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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