The Insert running total column step calculates the running total sum of any column you choose.

Insert running total column


The input data we'll connect to this step has 30 rows of orders showing the quantity sold, food type, customer username, and payment type.

The step will give us output data with a new column called "Running Total" that sums the "Quantity Sold" column as it moves down the rows.


After you connect your data input to this step, under Column click on Select... to access the dropdown menu of your columns. Pick the one you'd like to have a running total of, such as "Quantity Sold".

After that, give your new column a name by typing into New Column Name field (i.e. "Running Total"). Make sure to click Show Updated Results at the bottom of the toolbar to save this.
Your table now has a column placed right next to the one chosen for calculations! It will display per row the running total of all values up to that row.

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