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Introduction to Transformation

Things to consider

First record is header, then use column names to specify the target columns
First record is not header, then use the column indexes to specify the target columns

Data Transformation

Average by group
Change text casing
Clean data
Combine columns
Combine tables
Compare dates
Convert array of objects to array of arrays
Count by group
Extract text from column
Fill in blanks
Filter rows
Find and replace
Find maximum by group
Find min/max per row
Find minimum by group
Flatten rows
Format dates
Format numbers
Insert date & time column
Insert growth rate column
Insert if/else column
Insert if/else blank column
Insert math column
Insert row numbers
Insert rows
Insert running total column
Insert text column
Limit rows
Merge duplicate rows
Pivot columns
Remove duplicate rows
Rename columns
Reorder columns
Select columns
Sort rows
Split column
Stack tables
Sum by Group
Unpivot columns
Use regex

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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