The Rename columns step offers the ability to rename any and all columns that you'd like to create new titles for.

Rename columns


Our example input data has orders data that informs us of the units sold per product variant. We have a column called "ID", but we'd need this to be more exact about what "ID" this actually is for our colleagues.

We can use the Rename columns step to give the "ID" column a more descriptive column name, such as "Variant ID".


The configuration for this step is thankfully very simple. Start out by selecting the column you'd like to rename from the dropdown link select from menu and provide a new name in the type value... field. Select Show Updated Results at the bottom of the step settings, and you're all set to go!

Helpful tips

You can add as many rename rules as you need by clicking on the Rename Another Column link below the step's first one.
If you have to rename a lot of columns (10+) or the columns have ambiguous names that are difficult to locate in the select from menu dropdown, you could create a CSV file with the desired names as headers (with no row data). Then, you can use the Stack tables step to combine this headers table at the top with the rest of your main data underneath.
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