The Reorder columns step enables you to reorder any of your existing columns. Want to group your columns in with other related ones? Not a problem with this step.

Reorder columns


In this example, the input data we'll use has orders information that displays the units sold per product variant. However, our columns are in a randomized order that's difficult to understand quickly.

We can use the Reorder columns step to move our columns into whichever form that makes the most sense to us. As seen in the below screenshot, we've grouped our product data together with the variant data, and then placed the "Units sold" column at the very end (right-side).


When you first connect your data into the Reorder columns step, it'll display your columns in their original order.

You can click down on a specific column and drag it into the desired placement. You may also type in a number representing the position of the column. The placement of the other columns will automatically update based on your input.

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