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Services - Databloc Connector

Databloc is an Easyflow capability that is very similar to databases or tables. You can use it for a variety of purposes such as storing data, transferring data between workflows, preparing data for analytics and visualisation and more.

While creating a databloc ensure all your column names are lower case

Search Records

Filter Criteria
{"KEY1": {"filterType": "text", "type": "startsWith", "filter": "VALUE1"}, "KEY2": {"filterType": "text", "type": "equals| notEqual | contains | notContains | startsWith | endsWith", "filter": "VALUE2"}}


[{"colId": "KEY1", "sort": "asc"}]

Add Record

There is 2 approaches: insert record by record or Batch Insert (Copy)

Batch Insert

Dataset: array
Record: json payload represents valid with the selected datastore schema. the values of key inside the record should reflect the data read by the selected array in the dataset

Dataset --> array of arrays
[["1a", "1b"], ["2a", "2b"]]

{ "key1": "$.[0]", "key2": "$.[1]"}

Dataset --> array of objects
[{"name": "Kevin", "address": "Australia"}, {"name": "Albert", "address": "USA"}]

{ "key1": "$.[name]", "key2": "$.[address]"}

Update Record

Updated on: 17/10/2022

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